What Is Branding And Why Does It Matter?

Branding is a marketing process that brings diverse elements of a company together in a single focus. Inconsistent or inaccurate branding is like a dysfunctional family where emotions run high and conflict of interests define the chaotic playing field. A clearly stated, well conceived brand reflects the integrity and passion of a company while serving as a beacon for all the hard work you put into your business, everyday. Strong, consistent branding brings peace and tranquility and is the guiding light that sets your business apart from your competitors.

To better understand branding, WRITE ON THE WIND likes to think of an old-style iron brand used by cowboys in the Wild West. These brands were essentially early logos, and whether it was the Circle K Ranch or the OK Corral, every rancher had a mark that clearly identified who he was and where his cattle came from.

Like cowboys on the open prairie, the intention of a branding campaign is to “sear” the identity of your company so clearly into your marketing message that no one will mistake your longhorn for someone else’s longhorn. When branding is implemented successfully, your business will be so strongly identified as yours, no self-respecting cowboy (or competitor) would risk his or her marketing weight in gold to try and steal it from you.

Good branding involves more than having a logo. Your brand is everything that stands behind your logo. At one time in America, everyone knew the RCA dog. But it wasn’t the dog that sold product. It was the brand promise of high fidelity the dog represented that made RCA its millions.

Logos catch the public’s attention. Your brand is the strength behind your logo that makes you legitimate and allows the public to see you as the solution to their needs.

Emily Corey