Case Study: The Power of Before and After


Clients often come to us with a great idea they don’t know how to articulate. ComputerHMO had strong brand concept that was, frankly, poorly executed. A company that offers ‘medical’ support for personal and business computers, ComputerHMO had taken the Red Cross symbol as the centerpiece of its identity, but did not build on the concept’s potential.

As shown in the ‘Before’ (right), their website did not take advantage of the strength of the ComputerHMO brand or its promise of quality computer care.The site was flat, without strong visuals or inviting content. More importantly, the ‘buy’ buttons, which are an essential part of the company’s marketing plan, did little to encourage customers to purchase their products.


To start, Write On The Wind redesigned the company logo. Changing the logo colors from brown and red to a more commanding black and red instantly elevated energy of the icon. We then ‘stacked’ the logo, which made it more accessible and in line with the image of the first responders ComputerHMO mimics with their computer services.

From there, WRITE ON THE WIND built a new website from the ground up (left), integrating the brand into every element, down to a ‘purchase plan’ pill capsule ‘buy’ button.  Tapping further into the medical theme, we dubbed their service force ‘Computer Medics” and their Help Desk a “Triage Team.”

Using the Hippocratic Oath as a starting point, we crafted a ComputerHMO Medic Oath that reflects their customer service and technological know-how ( If it is given to me to save the life of a computer, I will remember that I do not treat a wireless network, a viral growth, or an email gone bad, but an infirmed computer whose illness may affect my client’s family, business, and economic stability).

Into The Future

Once the website was launched, a branded Business Suite (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and e-letterhead) was created. A tri-fold brochure, used as a sales leave behind, followed shortly after that.
Over time, WRITE ON THE WIND implemented a successful brand overhaul that allowed ComputerHMO to live the identity it dreamed of when it first opened its doors.

Emily Corey